A Friendly Guide to the Brave Browser

Have you ever got intrigued by seeing suggestions similar to your browser search on your multiple social websites? 
Don’t you question the privacy claimed by your beloved browser after noticing such kind of frequent coincidences? 
Does the thought of having the spy, tracking your every move on the browser scares you to death? Don’t you consider this as a breach of your privacy? 

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then there is no need to worry about having the secure, private and fastest browser as Brave Browser is only a single click away from you. Brave Browser promises to shield you from those malicious spam ads working as a secret agent aimed at passing your activity and data to the bidders. Brave browser will bring you back in the driver’s seat and will bring the control back in your hand.

Brave Browser Guide

Your every move, every activity will be free as Brave, your savior not only blocks those ads but will also protect you from the software working in a malign way under the disguise of websites. Brave Browser takes the private mode also known as an incognito mode to the other level and not only hide your browsing history but also camouflage your location from the websites. Your anonymity will be boosted to the infinity by our encrypted connections.

Brave Browser has also introduced a creative and unique concept of Brave Rewards. Brave rewards are the passkey for privacy-respecting ads. Unwanted Privacy breaching ads will not blemish your smooth user experience and you will be in charge of controlling the number and frequency of privacy-respecting ads.

Apart from all these standing out features of the Brave Browser, one that affects us most is that it is free and open-source software ready to provide you the safest browsing experience.

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