Why Brave is No. 01 Browser? Top Reasons

Nowadays, there are many trending browsers on the internet, but most of the browsers have not a fast browsed speed and may not be able to meet up your requirements. So, among all the browsers, Brave is on the top as most of the people use this browser for personal or professional work daily. So here, we’ll discuss some of the top-quality features of what the reasons are and why it is superior to all. Most of the audience is familiar with Chrome and doesn’t know much about the Brave browser.


Brave browser is among the top of all other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome in the loading of webpages and browsing speed. After specific observations and tests about the browsing speed, we have some results for you below

Website Loading Elapsed Time

·         The brave browser takes about 1.70 sec

·         Google Chrome takes about 1.96 sec

·         Mozilla Firefox takes about 2.25 sec

So, from the above observation, we conclude that the Brave browser is fast among the most used browsers.

Support for AdBlock

Most of the browsers like Chrome doesn’t have any built-in feature to block display ads and any sort of pop up ads but in Brave software, there is a powerful ad-blocker that blocks all kinds of ads on websites. Due to adblocker support, web pages load faster, and you don’t need to install extensions to have access to prevent any sort of ads. Mobile pages accelerate most of the advertisements are also blocked by Brave inbuilt adblocker. It doesn’t take extra data and saves your time as well.


As most of the audience has noticed that when you install the Brave browser, you must have seen the little lion icon, which is called Shield. Its purpose is to enable or disable script blocking, cookie tracker or connection upgrades as well. It also helps you to get access to some websites or break some websites as well. When the Shield starts breaking sites, you should disable the Shield from settings and reload that particular page. It will fix your issue very quickly.

Privacy Protection

The third party is small files stored by a server of recently visited websites on your computer hard disk. It serves better ads to you and may consume your time and money both, so in this regard, the Brave browser is the best choice. It blocks all the third-party cookies which are very good and make keep your privacy even more secure and confidential as well. You can easily enable or disable third-party cookies by clicking the Brave shield button.


Most of the people know about the extensions used in google chrome to gain access to websites in a short time, but Brave also has an updated version of all kinds of extensions. All the extensions can be approached via the Chrome web store.

So here, we discussed the top reasons why the Brave is best and number one among all other trending browsers.

How to Speed Up Brave Browser?

Brave Software is quite fast because it is a chromium-based browser. When it comes to the loading of pages, it is quite quick and significantly improving the performance with advertisement blocking. To speed up your Brave browser, you have to do some steps which are crucial to enhance the browser's performance and reduce the lag. There is room for improvement in the browser's default settings. It is shipped to provide faster speed and great mix with a default set of designed features.

Brave's Settings

The proper guide is given below to give you appropriate ideas and steps about how to speed up your Brave browser.

You can access the settings from the main menu. The settings are divided into an advanced part, and the excellent idea is to look from top to bottom after installation of the browser.

Get Started

First of all, load the previous session where you left last when you opened the settings. Clicking on the "open the new tab page" can speed up the start of the browser when you open several pages or even a single page.


Turn on "use a wide address bar" to give more room to the address bar. It is not a performance setting; its purpose is to make more room for long addresses.


 It usually blocks the advertisements and trackers set by default. You can check and prevent the scripts from the "block script" setting. But this setting is not advanced as it will lead to breakage, and the browser will not work correctly sometimes. If JavaScript is disabled, you have to manufacture some overrides for the web pages as well.


The speed performance also depends upon the usage as well. Disable Hangouts, Web Torrent, and IPFS companion and then open the browser. It will load the web pages even faster.

Social Media Blockage

Social media blockage is the central aspect to speed up your Brave Software. Unless you use any of the options first disable all options here described below

§  Allow Facebook logins and embedded posts.

§  Allow Twitter embedded tweets.

§  Allow Google login buttons on third-party sites.

§  Allow LinkedIn embedded posts.

Security and privacy

Modify the following features can improve safety and privacy as well

§  WebRTC IP Handling Policy to "Disable non-proxied UDP."

§  Automatically send crash reports to Brave.

§  Allow sites to check if you have payment methods saved.

§  Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly.

§  Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar


When you close the Brave browser, disable all the apps that are running in the background.


To improve security, make sure where to save the file before downloading. Erase all the downloaded data if not in use.

These parameters will surely help you to improve the speed of your Brave browser as well as enhances the security and make your privacy better from the previous one.

How to earn Money via Affiliate Marketing in Nepal ?

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing ?
Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. It is one of the best source of income for those who are highly interested to earn money online. It can simply be described as the commission earning process to each sale of the product. 

Here basically there are 4 major parties who are directly involved in the process.
  • Affiliate Company
  • Product owner
  • Affiliate agent/Advertiser/Promoter
  • Customers
Affiliate Company
Here we define affiliate company as the website that allows us to work as Affiliates. Some of the best Affiliate Companies are listed below :
Product owner
The most important part of Affiliate Marketing are product owners. They are those who allows Affiliate Company to promote their Products through Affiliate agents to all three parties can distribute the income.

Affiliate agent/Advertiser/Promoter
Here Affiliate agents can be termed as We. We are the people who join Affiliate Company and chose the products for promotion. So we are often known as Advertiser or Promoter as well. The first thing that we need to do is join Affiliate Company. CPA Grip is one of the most popular Affiliate Company. So we can Sign up with Affiliate Company provide the necessary details set up the payment methods. Now we are all set to start the Affiliate Marketing. Following Steps are to be followed to get better results.

  • Sign up with Affiliate company. Example : CPA Grip
  • Chose for the Products for promotion
  • Create a Landing Page as required.
Here Creating Landing page is one of the most important part to promote any product. Promoting any product simply means convincing customers to purchase the product that we are advertising. Making them feel that the product is best for their use and it can be only done with creation of best landing pages. Providing all the best review about the products and convincing them for purchase is the best sign of great Affiliate agent. The role of Affiliate agent is like that of Marketing staffs. Here we sale goods digitally whereas they do in the real world. Here we sale our skills through best Landing page.
One of the best service provider for Landing page is envatoelements. Create the best landing pages with envatoelements. Be professional make the best out of investments and earn high profits. Increase the sales with highly converting landing page. envatoelements helps you to create the best landing page.
  • Promotion/Advertising
After the landing page is set the next step that play vital role is promoting the products, in the present digital world we can promote the goods via lots of ways. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google and many more platforms. So it's much necessary that we are aware of the keywords that that we use to promote our products and get the best of our promotion. Get the best tips for the search of keywords with our best keywordplanner. Click here to contact the best keywordplanner for promoting your website.

Customers are those people who first notice your ads and after being interested they visit your landing page to view the product. It's much necessary that our landing page should be convincing enough to get the attention of customers to purchase the product that we are selling. For every sales we get commission in our pocket as part of our earnings. So we need to treat customers like god and provide them best available support to have the better results. So all we need to focus is on landing page and keywords. So our customers won't return empty handed and our pocket won't remain empty. It's much necessary to empty the pocket of customer with best service to fill our pocket and to do so we shouldn't hesitate to make some investments to get the best result. We do only have to pay for creating best landing page, keyword research and Promotion. Doing all these will certainly establish us as the best Affiliate agent and we can earn  a lot.

Affiliate Marketing in today's world is the best form of earning money. Today we are in digital world and everything pass digitally so make the best out of your marketing skills digitally. Sell anything you like and make the best of commission in your pocket. Stay home and make money. Work from home get paid heavy.

Earn BAT Crypto Currency with Brave

When you join Brave Rewards, your browser will automatically start tallying (only on your device’s local storage) the attention you spend on sites you visit. Once a month, Brave Rewards will send the corresponding amount of BAT, divided up based on your attention, from your local browser-based wallet to the sites you’ve visited.
Download Brave Browser and earn BAT for Browsing with Brave.

TimeBucks Reward Site

TimeBucks is a reward site that pays you to Watch Videos, View Funny Slideshows, Do Surveys, Install Apps, Follow people on Instagram and more! Download Brave Browser for Better Experience.


Is TimeBucks Legit ?

 TimeBucks is a legitimate get paid to website that pays users for various online tasks you do now unpaid. However, you aren't going to make any real money. You can earn up to $3 per task as well as referral commissions for inviting others to join.

How do you make Money on TimeBucks ?

By buying on the internet, cashback. By completing 10 tasks a day, you can make money without doing anything, between $ 0.002 and $ 100. By creating a video on TimeBucks, if you have more than 1000 subscribers, you will earn $ 3. Earn a maximum per day, to get the first place in the daily contest to win $ 20.

Get Paid to

  • Post on Tiktok
  • View Funny Slideshows
  • Play Games
  • Install Apps
  • Complete Captchas
  • Post on Instagram
  • Answer Surveys
It's a lot easy to make money on Time Bucks. Get paid for regular doings on internet.

How do I withdraw from TimeBucks ?

On TimeBucks, there is no withdraw button. Payments are send automatically every Thursday when you reach the minimum payout of $10 USD. Make sure you have entered your payment information in the Settings > Payment Method tab.

What we offer working with TimeBucks ?

  • Daily Bonuses : Each day we run a competition where the top 5 earners win a nice bonus!
  • Start Earning Instantly : No approval process required for new sign ups, you can just sign up in 5 seconds and start earning instantly!
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  • Friendly Support Staff : Need help? Our friendly support staff will answer all of your questions! Don’t wait days for a reply. We’re here to help you earn as much money as possible!
So Here we go with the simple steps to start earning.
Step 1 : Sign up here
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Learn More to Earn

HMA (Hide My Ass) - VPN Service

HideMyAss lets you use the web like a private network. The result? High security and access to sites around the world. Choose your virtual nationality from a drop-down menu, and it is that simple. HideMyAss also works on mobile devices unlike other VPN services.
Otherwise known as "Hide My Ass", this virtual private network is one of the most well-known servers on the market. You can use this service to browse the Internet without having to worry about compromising your IP address or your personal information.                                                   

Best VPN for Privacy & Security. Biggest VPN Network of 1000+ Servers, 280+ Locations. Strong Data Protection, Kill-Switch, IP Shuffle & No Activity Logs. Access From Abroad. Stream Securely. No Activity Logs. Evade Hackers. Surf Privately. HMA protects you from hackers and spies – and lets you watch your favorite TV shows and films from anywhere.

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How does HMA Pro VPN protect my identity?

A virtual private network employs a series of proxy connections located in many different countries around the world. By routing your IP address through these servers, you are essentially anonymous. This also enables you to access materials that may be restricted in other locations.

Can I use HMA Pro VPN legally?

Virtual private network servers are completely legal to use. It is your responsibility to make certain that you are not violating any laws within your specific country. Therefore, be sure to research the legality of any materials before they are downloaded to your operating system.


If you don't have International Payment Service to Purchase VPN we can help you to purchase VPN. Please do contact us @ https://www.facebook.com/hmavpnpurchase/

Note : We do provide Paypal Account & Payoneer Master Card Account Setup Service too.

InboxDollars - The Online Rewards Club that Pays.

InboxDollars pays members to read emails, take surveys online, play games, and go shopping! New users also receive $5 just for joining.

1. Is InboxDollars a legitimate Company ?

Yes InboxDollars is a real online rewards club founded on 2000 A.D. that has paid over $60 million in cash, Paypal and gift
card rewards to members. InboxDollars is not get-rich-quick scheme. It's just a convenient way to earn some extra cash on side during downtime.

2. How to start working with InboxDollars ? 

InboxDollars provide working environment only for USA Residents. For other countries like Nepal it's not directly possible to work with InboxDollars but some changes can definitely help you to work with InboxDollars. All you need to do is Install VPN to your desktop and set the location to USA. That's it now you can start working with InboxDollarsand get paid for reading mails , taking surveys and searching on the web. It's as easy as that.

Steps to Follow

Step 1 : Download VPN - You can Install VPN from here (Recommendation : Use Paid HMA VPN)
Step 2 : Install VPN
Step 3 : Open VPN & Set the location to any city or state of USA
Step 4 : Sign Up for InboxDollars here : SIGN UP FOR FREE
Step 5 : Bang Now you can start earning from InboxDollars

3. How do you get paid on InboxDollars ?

To request payment, click the 'My Account' tab and then select 'Request Payment'. 
Make sure to check and update your name, full mailing address on your active account 
to ensure your payment is processed.

4. How do you get money fast on InboxDollars?

7 Ways to Earn More Money with InboxDollars
  • Take all the profile surveys. This includes the Interests Survey and Household survey. 
  • Always take the “Best Survey” first. 
  • Start Watching InboxDollars Videos. 
  • Complete Cash Offers. 
  • Make InboxDollars Search Your Homepage.
  • Clip your Coupons & Purchase Groupon through InboxDollars.
  • Check for PaidEmail.


Get Paid Working From Home

This offer allows users sign up to get a match with up to three no-obligation business opportunities! This offer is for anyone who wishes to become work-at-home entrepreneurs and learn step-by-step the easy-to-follow system and start earning today! This offer is also valid only for Registrations from USA & Canada. So it's necessary to follow the steps as mentioned earlier.


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