How to Speed Up Brave Browser?

Brave Software is quite fast because it is a chromium-based browser. When it comes to the loading of pages, it is quite quick and significantly improving the performance with advertisement blocking. To speed up your Brave browser, you have to do some steps which are crucial to enhance the browser's performance and reduce the lag. There is room for improvement in the browser's default settings. It is shipped to provide faster speed and great mix with a default set of designed features.

Brave's Settings

The proper guide is given below to give you appropriate ideas and steps about how to speed up your Brave browser.

You can access the settings from the main menu. The settings are divided into an advanced part, and the excellent idea is to look from top to bottom after installation of the browser.

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Get Started

First of all, load the previous session where you left last when you opened the settings. Clicking on the "open the new tab page" can speed up the start of the browser when you open several pages or even a single page.


Turn on "use a wide address bar" to give more room to the address bar. It is not a performance setting; its purpose is to make more room for long addresses.


 It usually blocks the advertisements and trackers set by default. You can check and prevent the scripts from the "block script" setting. But this setting is not advanced as it will lead to breakage, and the browser will not work correctly sometimes. If JavaScript is disabled, you have to manufacture some overrides for the web pages as well.

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The speed performance also depends upon the usage as well. Disable Hangouts, Web Torrent, and IPFS companion and then open the browser. It will load the web pages even faster.

Social Media Blockage

Social media blockage is the central aspect to speed up your Brave Software. Unless you use any of the options first disable all options here described below

§  Allow Facebook logins and embedded posts.

§  Allow Twitter embedded tweets.

§  Allow Google login buttons on third-party sites.

§  Allow LinkedIn embedded posts.

Security and privacy

Modify the following features can improve safety and privacy as well

§  WebRTC IP Handling Policy to "Disable non-proxied UDP."

§  Automatically send crash reports to Brave.

§  Allow sites to check if you have payment methods saved.

§  Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly.

§  Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar


When you close the Brave browser, disable all the apps that are running in the background.


To improve security, make sure where to save the file before downloading. Erase all the downloaded data if not in use.

These parameters will surely help you to improve the speed of your Brave browser as well as enhances the security and make your privacy better from the previous one.

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