Why Brave is No. 01 Browser? Top Reasons

Nowadays, there are many trending browsers on the internet, but most of the browsers have not a fast browsed speed and may not be able to meet up your requirements. So, among all the browsers, Brave is on the top as most of the people use this browser for personal or professional work daily. So here, we’ll discuss some of the top-quality features of what the reasons are and why it is superior to all. Most of the audience is familiar with Chrome and doesn’t know much about the Brave browser.

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Brave browser is among the top of all other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome in the loading of webpages and browsing speed. After specific observations and tests about the browsing speed, we have some results for you below

Website Loading Elapsed Time

·         The brave browser takes about 1.70 sec

·         Google Chrome takes about 1.96 sec

·         Mozilla Firefox takes about 2.25 sec

So, from the above observation, we conclude that the Brave browser is fast among the most used browsers.

Support for AdBlock

Most of the browsers like Chrome doesn’t have any built-in feature to block display ads and any sort of pop up ads but in Brave software, there is a powerful ad-blocker that blocks all kinds of ads on websites. Due to adblocker support, web pages load faster, and you don’t need to install extensions to have access to prevent any sort of ads. Mobile pages accelerate most of the advertisements are also blocked by Brave inbuilt adblocker. It doesn’t take extra data and saves your time as well.


As most of the audience has noticed that when you install the Brave browser, you must have seen the little lion icon, which is called Shield. Its purpose is to enable or disable script blocking, cookie tracker or connection upgrades as well. It also helps you to get access to some websites or break some websites as well. When the Shield starts breaking sites, you should disable the Shield from settings and reload that particular page. It will fix your issue very quickly.

Download Brave Browser 

Privacy Protection

The third party is small files stored by a server of recently visited websites on your computer hard disk. It serves better ads to you and may consume your time and money both, so in this regard, the Brave browser is the best choice. It blocks all the third-party cookies which are very good and make keep your privacy even more secure and confidential as well. You can easily enable or disable third-party cookies by clicking the Brave shield button.


Most of the people know about the extensions used in google chrome to gain access to websites in a short time, but Brave also has an updated version of all kinds of extensions. All the extensions can be approached via the Chrome web store.

So here, we discussed the top reasons why the Brave is best and number one among all other trending browsers.

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